PREMIUM! - Backend development Vert.x course live! [OVER 5 HOURS of VIDEO content]


I have been using Vert.x for many years now and have developed a lot of comfort with it. It leverages the power of netty while still providing extremely easy to use APIs to build networked applications. Anyone who has used Netty knows that it can be quite cumbersome to use. Vert.x is an underrated library that I hope receives the recognition it deserves. To help with adoption I setup a course with OVER 5 HOURS of VIDEO content to help developers get up to speed with Backend Development using Vert.x.

Even if you do not plan to use Vert.x or are not a backend developer going through this course will help you level up as a software developer immensely.

I am extremely happy to announce that the course is now live and can be purchased on both Udemy and Gumroad.

You can purchase the course content at either:


I hope you check it out and find it useful!

Details about the course

Over 5 hours of video content explaining how to build efficient and performant server side applications using Vert.x

Vert.x is a toolkit and a library that helps you build reactive and highly concurrent backend services. It is built upon Netty, which is the defacto standard in building highly scalable applications on the JVM. Vert.x intersects performance and developer ergonomics into one amazing library. Using this course to learn Vert.x will help you become a better backend developer all around as it will show you concepts at a more foundational level compared to using any other monolith server side framework such as Django or Rails

Even if you are not a Vert.x/backend/JVM developer - going through this course will level you up as a software developer

The course is bundled with a GitHub started project that you can clone and start coding right away [must have the JVM installed on your machine]

A few of the topics that are part of this course are:

TCP Servers

HTTP Servers


Event Bus

Threading model and Event loops

Futures, Callbacks, and Co-routines

Web-sockets [Build a terminal chat app]

Exposing Prometheus metrics

Rate limiting your HTTP endpoints

Communicating with PostgreSQL [transactions and listen/notify]

and much more!

This course covers both theory and practical code to help you visualize and internalize core Vert.x concepts. It is meant to give you confidence and skill in building your next server side api.